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RISE Challenge Events are a series of themed obstacle races held in various locations.  Each event features unique obstacles and challenges to match the theme for that one event. And supports a corresponding non profit organization.

It's unlike any other obstacle course race!


Whether you are a Tactical Athlete / First Responder, looking to bridge the gap from good to great in your chosen sport, Runner, or want to live a Better Life, Get RESULTS

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Hiking with a loaded backpack. Navigating obstacles and uneven terrain. Litter carries. Rappelling. These are a few examples of the search and rescue tasks you need to complete efficiently, with the ultimate goal of saving a life.[1] A workout for excellent physical fitness is therefore a requirement of the job.

Carrying out your tasks effectively can literally be the difference between life and death. It requires muscular strength including core strength and grip strength, power and endurance, aerobic capacity (including a good VO2 max), and mental resilience.[1,4]

And this isn’t just for search and rescue. These are exercises for wildland firefighters, backcountry personnel, guides, outfitters, and more. They’re good for anyone who is out working or recreating in the outdoors.

In this post, we are going to focus on exercises for core strength. After all, a strong core is the foundation of movement! We are not just talking abs. Core encompasses your scapula (shoulders), back, abs, and hips. It is essentially everything but your limbs.


fitness for search and rescue beyond the edge rescue
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2022 SERIES 

RISE Ranch Challenge     05/07/22
RISE Troops Challenge   05/28/22
Battle HD                           05/29/22
Zombie Outbreak 5k Run 10/22/22

Summer Edition July 2022


rise challenge




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may 7, 2022


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May 28, 2022
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tactical challenge "battle Hd"
May 29, 2022
Zombie Outbreak
5K Run

October 22,2022

Real Trainees, Real Stories


"I am the one of the strength and conditioning coaches for Belmont Secondary School's football team, and also a retired Military Police sergeant with 29 years in the Canadian Forces. ln my role as one of the strength and conditioning coaches I had the opportunity to watch and learn under the tutelage of Tammy Kovaluk. Tammy worked with the Belmont Secondary School Bulldogs Football Team for a period of approximately 16 months and it shows in the development of the members of the team. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body works has taken a group of young men to a level of play that they will all tell you would never have occurred without her. Even though she has moved away she continues to advise individual members and the coaches on training methods. Furthermore, her presence is still felt on a regular basis as she provided a multiphase strength and conditioning program and pre practice/game activation program that is being used to this day. As a former sergeant who has experienced leadership in many styles, both effective and not so effective, I can say that Tammy has the ability to inspire athletes to get to the next level and higher and she will easily earn the respect of her fellow coaches.

I feel that Tammy would be a benefit to any team or individual who wants to perform at the next level in any sport."

Clancy Keoghan


"I made more gains in explosive strength and power with Tammy in 3 months than I had in the past 2 years! 

Luke Mercer

NHL Dallas Stars Prospect

"9 miles, 18+ obstacles, including a few killers, got through them all. Congrats Tammy Kovaluk on your RD debut event. It was an awesome event. Top 10 of all time... so much fun!"

Stephen Hughes

Long-Time Road and Ultra-Trail Racer, participant in the Rise Ranch Challenge

Ranch 1.jpg

“Rise Fitness has provided me with a fantastic training opportunity to help prepare physically for a special forces career in the military. Tammy has worked with me to create a dynamic training plan that fit my current fitness level and that lead to constant improvement. Joining the gym over a year ago, I was recovering from ACL surgery and since then I improved far beyond my fitness level before the surgery, including max PT scores. Without Rise, I would not be where I am today!” 

John C.

Air Force CCT

"I absolutely cannot thank you enough for this incredible experience! I told my husband this was SERIOUSLY 10x more rewarding than my Spartan race! I was giddy and on cloud 100 the rest of the day! I met so many great people today, from the cadets, volunteers, and so many racers. Just absolutely inspired me!

Roxane Smith

Troops 1.jpg
Michelle Log.jpg

“When I started at Rise I was out of shape and had no confidence in my looks or abilities.


I decided I was going to run a half marathon. I had never ran a day in my life. Tammy had trained my son for Baseball a few months earlier and I instantly saw results with him, so I decided to give her a call. When I called her I explained that I was running my first half marathon and I need to be ready. Within those 3 month not only did I become a strong runner, but I became more confident all around. I was hooked! 

A year and a half later, I have ran 2 half marathons, beating my time by 16 minutes the second time, and placed in the top half at my first Elite Spartan in Breckenridge Colorado!


Not only am I confident in my race skills, my body and mind, I have gained some lifetime friends, all thanks to Tammy’s training! The atmosphere she creates is amazing, everyone is like family, and the encouragement in unbeatable. So, if you want to run a race, obstacle course race, you or your kids need sports conditioning, or you just want to feel better about yourself come your life WILL Change with Rise!” 

Michelle Ziegler


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