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  • Build sport and life fitness through comprehensive, effective and efficient training programs, addressing individual needs.

  • Providing guidance through leading by example and mentoring.

  • Build physical and mental strength, confidence and resilience.  and community through challenging but doable obstacle races. 

My Promise to You. As Rise Challenge Events and Fitness grows our community, I will never be a corporate sell out (giving up what you believe in for money). I will stay genuine and maintain integrity while continuing to improve, inspire, and grow. With the goal of challenging, rewarding, and inspiring while staying true to our cause, sport, movement.

- Tammy Kovaluk, Founder and Executive Director

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coach tammy

On June 5, 2021, Tammy broke two Guinness World Records for Chest to Ground Burpees with 6,116 in 12 hours and 6,260 in 24 hours (pending confirmation)! She broke both previous records (5229 for 12 hours and 5555 for 24hrs) before the 10hr mark. This is a testament to her belief in what she is instilling to those she trains. Push yourself when you are not sure you can, believe in yourself, and always look to the next challenge.

Tammy Kovaluk is a strength and conditioning and running coach based in Bend, OR. In addition to her work as owner of Rise Challenge Events, she coaches athletes and hosts functional fitness classes. With her MS in Kinesiology and Sport Performance, Tammy has numerous years coaching athletes from youth to the professional in a wide range of sports. 

Tammy is a

- certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS through the NSCA),

- certified speed and agility specialist, and

- corrective exercise specialist (FMS Level 2).

Her degrees include a

- BS in Kinesiology and Biology (University of Victoria) and

- MS in Kinesiology & Sports Conditioning (AT Still University in Mesa, AZ where she received an award for academic excellence).

She has written articles for: 

- Stack, as an Expert Contributor, publishing strength and conditioning articles

-NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association).

Tammy brings over 20 years of experience in everything from rehabilitation to nutrition consulting to achieving peak performance to the table. She has helped numerous athletes attain scholarships, fulfill their dreams, successfully complete Special Forces Selection, get their first win, or attain new achievements they had not thought possible (ie conquering an obstacle race after post injury or sedentary). Physical training has changed her life, and she is passionate and dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Tammy was a

- competitive amateur boxer,

- cross country runner,

- triathlete (competing in the Ironman World Championships Kona, 2009),

- elite Spartan Obstacle Course Racer


-  ultra endurance athlete, from 100 miler races to military and adventure type of events as well as going after world records.

She placed:

- 1st overall (both females and males) in the 2019 SUCK race.

- 1st Overall in the 2020 "Ultimate SUCK" (both men and women), an event touted as one of the world's most comprehensive, extreme  fitness competition that combines strenuous farm chores with military exercises, trail running, rucking, strongman and weight lifting, and more over a 36 hour time period with no sleep.

- 3rd female in her first 50k (2016 Colossal Vail). She went onto train and compete in other types of events and is coming back to ultra running

- podiumed as an elite at Spartan obstacle course races and other obstacle course races

- placed 7th female in the Victoria marathon, her first and only true marathon (3:13 in 2010). Placed in several other running events and triathlons.

She has won or placed in other small events and continues to challenge herself in new ways. In 2020, for example, Tammy finished in a virtual 48hr challenge called the Devil's Double, completing it in under 21 hours and raising close to $2500 for Harmony Farm Sanctuary. Bend Bulletin article here 

In 2021, she again challenged herself with a fundraiser for Harmony Farm Sanctuary, raising close to $6000 in a dual fundraiser of the Rise Ranch Challenge  and her burpee world records, successfully surpassing her goal of 6001 burpees well before the 12hr mark.

"Of course, the above are some highlighted listed successes. Nobody seems to list their failures but there have been numerous failures along the way! From getting beat in boxing to failing as an attempt to go pro as a triathlete to personal and business failures. Failures are lessons. They are what leads to success, they are what leads to growth. They also helped me to become a great coach." - Tammy

Tammy loves trail running and hiking in nature, animals, and as a true Canadian, hockey! She continues to push and challenge herself in new ways.



Andy "Ageless Warrior" Crepea is our consultant, operations advisor, and assistant RD. He has been with RISE Challenge Events since the very first race.

Andy was commissioned in the Navy through the rigorous Aviation Officer Candidate School (Pensacola, FL) and served over 20 years as a Naval Flight Officer. He stays involved in the military, investigating training methodology and assisted in prepping his son for Special Forces training (who is currently in the final phase of CCT).

Andy is a certified Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC) certification through NSCA. He is our pull ups and sandbag ‘guru’ to name a couple of many specialties in his arsenal. A military training and obstacle racing enthusiast, Andy especially enjoys course design based on real tasks employed by those who serve. He also enjoys helping young men and women physically prepare for the rigors of military boot camp and officer Candidate School.




Rai "Peaceful Warrior" Moreno is our assistant RD and volunteer coordinator. He volunteered at the 2019 Rise Troops Challenge for post race massage. Then volunteered again at the 2019 RISE Tactical Challenge for setup, race day management, and take down. At the Tactical Challenge, it was obvious Rai had both the gift and drive for the obstacle race industry, as well as a shared vision and mission. 


Raimundo has worked in construction, landscaping, and as a massage therapist. He is an avid weightlifter and all around athlete, embracing everything from rucking to  military style training to running. Rai volunteers at Harmony Farm Sanctuary with coach Tammy, where they share their love for the sheep. He is always willing to take on a challenge and brings passion and pure joy to Rise Challenge Events!



Barry “Man Behind the Curtain” Rogers is our marketing and promotions, and website facilitator. He works on projects that helps with the visibility of RISE Challenge Events., and mainly oversees the website and press releases.

Barry is not only an employee, he is a client. He is a member of Team RISE of the Badasses and competes in RISE Challenge Events races and challenges, with Tammy as his coach. Barry has experience in website development and all things related, from small business to  Central Oregon Community College.

Barry was the most valuable player in soccer for both his high school and college teams. Years after going into the business world, he broke his leg and has a couple of plates and screws in it. He gave up ever trying to compete again. Unfortunately of being sedentary, he had a major heart attack. After the heart attack, he made the decision to get back to working out. That was when he met Coach Tammy and RISE Challenge Events. Barry continuously works on improving his strength and stamina with his motto of “Heart and Belief”.