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RISE Challenge Events is proud to announce the December RISE TactiFIT Challenge: a comprehensive strength and conditioning program with 25 workouts, one a day, each day, for 25 days.

The program is designed to be doable for everybody: All workouts are between approximately 10min and 30min. They can be done on their own, as a finisher to your existing workout, or an addition to what you have planned for the day. Our goal is not to just push you to your limits, but with a purpose. This challenge is based on real functional fitness and honoring our tactical athletes, not just randomly thrown in workouts. As with any extended challenge, a few active recovery days are included. It is designed by an expert in the field with a MS in Kinesiology and sport performance. Who has years of competing as an ultra-endurance athlete, uses military based training, overall winner of the 36hr Ultimate SUCK amongst other athletic competitions, and 20+ years training the tactical athlete, professional, couch potato and everyone in between.

All you need is a sandbag and/or ruck. Minimum of 25lbs for females and 40lbs for males. Advanced athletes feel free to go heavier!

This challenge is based upon the code of honor. Do not cheat. You are only cheating yourself.

When you complete the challenge, RISE Challenge Events will send you a wrist bracelet proving you are a BadAss.

Cost is $20. Sign up with a buddy for only $15 each! *Must use the same registration form
*No refunds