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Challenge yourself.
Never stop growing.
Keep moving forward!

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the unbreakable marathon
may 14, 2022
Fundraiser for harmony farm sancutarY. Details to come
Burpee World Records(Still pending)
June 5, 2021
  • A fundraising record attempt for Harmony Farm Sanctuary, goals was to break 6000 chest to ground burpees in 12 hours, and over 9000 burpees in 24 hrs to break 2 Guinness World Records.
  • GWR Standards: full body including chest must touch at the bottom of the movement. Pushup can be done by raising torso up and then the rest of the body. Fully erect at the top. Feet must leave the ground, doesn't matter how far off the ground and you do not have to raise the hands. Feet must be behind the line and land on the 2nd line, marked at 1/2 distance of body length.
  • Both the 12 and 24 hour records were broken before the 11 hour mark. However, the attempt also broke me a little! After a 3rd degree strained left shoulder and acute elbow tendinitis, I tried tactics of more rest, shoter sets. But things were getting worse and worse. I could not move my shoulder at all as time went on or the days following! But all healed up!
  • 6116 burpees in 12 hours (previous record was 5529)
  • 6260 burpees in 24 hours (previous record: 5555)
  • Dealing with Guinness for almost one year, still pending!
  • FB link to my breaking the 6000 goal here
  • FB link to final comments here
  • Media link here 
  • Raised $2885 for Harmony Farm Sanctuary
36hr Ultimate SUCK
SEptember 2020
Placing: 1st overall (both f and m)
  • Deemed as one of the world's most extreme fitness competitions, the Ultimate SUCK combines strenuous Mid-Western farm chores with military boot camp, trail running, rucking through bushes and a river, strongman, weaponry and a bunch of other tasks.  Think of it as Conan the Barbarian meets Full Metal Jacket with a dash of Deliverance mixed in!" https://gutcheckfitness.com/the-suck/
  • Proud of this event, as I conquered my weaknesses the previous year (bushwacking through the water). The year before, I came 3rd after losing too much time in the water, getting stuck in the mud and a bit lost, to a couple out front who worked together. I left cut up, bruised and wounded, and a little angry at myself. After working on my weaknesses, came back and won the Ultimate SUCK, being out front of the pack all by myself from the start to finish, with no help from fellow racers or support crew.
devil's Double May 2020
Fundraiser:Harmony Farm Sanctuary

  • Inspired and hosted by Joe Decker, GWR World's Fittest man. Decker gave some of the tasks he completed. 

  • The challenge was to be done within 48hrs. 

  • Time: 20:51. Exercises were performed in order, not moving onto the next exercise until all reps completed

  • Media coverage here

  • Video highlights here

The Challenge:

  • 25 mile run

  • 1100 pushups

  • 3000 ab crunches

  • 1100 jumping jacks

  • 1 mile of burpee long jumps (that sucked)

  • 25 mile with a 35# sandbag in my pack (brutal after burpees!)

  • 100 pack overhead presses

  • 200 pack pushups  

  • 400 pack squats

  • 1 mile carrrying two buckets, with 35# in each

12 hour Ultimate Westcoast SUCK, March 2019

​Placing: 1st overall (both males and females)​

  • This overnight challenge required carrying a pack through the mountains, rappelling, sandbag workouts, calesthenics, rock throwing, and more!


Its ok to fail.
If you don't fail, you aren't trying hard enough
Failures are what leads to your successes


Attempt: Amateur Boxing
One of my first sports at ~25 years of age. 0 for 3! I loved boxing training. It requires discipline, work ethic, and going into the uncomfortable. To places you did not think you go. Fighting is a different story! As someone who did not get a lot of sparring, my learning was in the ring.
The first fight, my competitor came in over 10 pounds heavier than our weight class! And she was a "south paw" despite pretending to be orthodox. As a green fighter, I did not know what I was doing! And ended up bloody, with a fat lip and bruised eye. But never stopped trying.
The other two matches were close, a split decision, but still lost! I always started out horribly, and then got into a rhythm by round 3.
Despite losing all of my fights, I gained both confidence as I stopped flinching when someone put their hand near my face! And it revealed my character, which was not to quit when the times get tough! And learned to run!! As well as training through 'the wall' the place where your mind says stop! But your spirit says no, we won't. I haven't stopped running since. 

Attempt: Professional Ironman Triathlete
After boxing, I delved into triathlon beginning with shorter courses and gradually expanding into the Ironman discipline. Despite an ability to perhaps go professionally, I never made the leap. I did learn a lot, after experiencing burnout and overtraining! One thing I learned was to listen to myself, be confident in myself. And it is important to enjoy the process, not just the end result. As once using outside coaches, all went downhill!

Guinness World Record with a 40# pack for a Marathon
2022, failed this attempt before even making it to the start line! In order to really go for the record requires being able to do 10min/mile pace for a marathon. In training, things were getting worse and my body, especially spine, was getting trashed too much. It is a lot different to run with a pack vs hike fast or shuffle! Especially on a 125# frame!
So back to the drawing board, requiring more gym strength!