Strength and Conditioning
Run Coaching

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance in your sport, a tactical athlete, runner, or general fitness....get the most effective and efficient training methodologies using a blend of science, top notch education, and experience!

Coach Tammy has worked with individuals and teams in nearly every sport, Search and Rescue, military, law enforcement, endurance athletes, return to sport / rehabilitation, and general fitness folks for life!

Her specialties include Sport and Job-Specific Strength & Conditioning, and Run Coaching.

She also works directly with trusted professionals, providing corrective exercise to reduce weak links, imbalances, and asymmetries to get you back to enjoying your life!​

In person or virtual training options, GET REAL RESULTS using the most effective efficient training system.

strength and conditioning for military athletes, tactical athletes, search and rescue

“Rise Fitness has provided me with a fantastic training opportunity to help prepare physically for a special forces career in the military. Tammy has worked with me to create a dynamic training plan that fit my current fitness level and that lead to constant improvement. Joining the gym over a year ago, I was recovering from ACL surgery and since then I improved far beyond my fitness level before the surgery, including max PT scores. Without Rise, I would not be where I am today!” John C. Air Force CCT


"I worked with Tammy in 2013-14 during the winter months before my big breakthrough season in 2014. There is no doubt that Tammy helped me become a stronger, faster athlete." 

2014 Brazil and Monte-Tremblant Ironman Champion


“Tammy, I love the program you designed for me.  My body feels like it is in athletic harmony and just works well in general.  I don't remember my body ever feeling this way before.  I have so much spring to my step and actually look forward to going to the gym.  I feel confident and my body feels resilient.  Thank you for all of your studying and hard work to bring your skills to others.  I didn't believe a day would come where I could live pain free and not be afraid of injury.  Now I feel fantastic.  Thank you so much!”   – Danielle Teannotte (post car accident causing severe concussion and back injury)


"I`ve been playing hockey for 15 years and have met and worked with many different gyms and trainers. Tammy is hands down on a different level. Everyday you`re looking forward to going to the gym and know that you`re going to have incredible results. 

I know working with Tammy got me to the next level and I achieved long and short term goals” Brandon Egli - currently living his dream and playing hockey in Europe.

A comprehensive strength and conditioning program is a must for bridging the gap from being ‘good’ and ‘great.’ Our programs emphasize explosive strength, power, and stamina as deemed for your sport, while developing proper movement patterns for sound athletic development. We do not do generic personal training programs, as they have no place in sport. To achieve your best requires training based on your sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual strengths and weaknesses. You are an athlete. You have goals. Your time is precious and you deserve nothing less.


Sport Performance, SAR/First Responders, and Tactical Athletes 

  • All comprehensive training programs address injury resilience and foundations through peak performance as based on your sport or job requirements. 

  • Options for in person or online. Team training or individual. With online team or group training, included is personalized service whether it is working through an injury, or achieving specific goals. Contact tammy@risechallengeevents.com for consult.

Team RISE(small group training)

  • $100/mont h for up to 3 classes per week

  • $60/month for 1 class per week

  • Current schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 5:0pm.  Please contact for our latest schedule and options. Try out the first class for free! *Outdoors in a variety of locations in Bend.

Private In Coaching:

Individual or Partner Training ------------------------------------- $70.00/hour session ($35.00/per partner)

Small Group Training of 3-6     ------------------------------------- $75.00/session (divided among all)

Customized Virtual Run and Strength Training 

  • Through Team RunRun and the Final Surge app, individualized programming and coaching to get you to your best. Whether it is your first 5k, qualifying for Boston, ultras, triathlon or obstacle course or adventure racing, we got you covered!

  • $125 per month for Run Coaching + Run-Specific Strength Training.