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RISE Challenge Events is proud to announce the RISE TactiFit Challenge. There are 20 tasks and you have 30 days to complete them in any order. Seems simple? It is! All the tasks are based on military and first responder training and job duties. They are also designed to build functional fitness as well as honor our heroes.

The tasks are doable for all. Expect sandbag workouts, body weight workouts, "Rifle PT" with your 2 x 6, running/hiking, and being able to tie a knot! 

When you complete the challenges, RISE Challenge Events will send you a wrist bracelet proving you are a badass.

Are you preparing for a RISE Challenge Events this fall? The RISE Troops Challenge is October 17, 2020 and the RISE Tactical Challenge is on Halloween, October 31, 2020. This challenge is designed to help you prepare for both races.

You must document each task by a photo, video, or any other method. Mileage is by a GPS tracking device. When you sign up, there will instructions on how to document your accomplishments. At RISE we value integrity. Saying you completed a task and did not is only cheating yourself.
So, what do I need to participate?
1 Sandbag or backpack (30lbs for girls, 45lbs for guys)
1 2 x 6 for the rifle physical training
1 piece of rope for a rope tying task

The entry fee for this challenge is $20. When you complete it, which you will, you will get a badass bracelet and that incredible feeling that YES, I AM A BADASS!