how do you train?

Rise Fitness provides functional fitness training in many areas.

  • Team RISE of the Badasses

Think Military Boot Camp meets Strongman. Get Real Functional Fitness within a supportive small group that emphasizes team work and camaraderie. Throw in some mentally irregular fun, and we got a win! Whether you want to get ready for an obstacle course race, the tactical field, or Life! Get to your fittest, leanest, and highest level of badassery. We have had a mixture of wild land firefighters, the desk jockey, and runners join our crew. 

We often include monthly challenges and additional outings./get togethers. 

Small group training is Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00 - 6:00pm at cocc (outside in the summer. Strength Warehouse in the fall/winter) . 

Contact us for your free intro session, and prepare to conquer your obstacles!

  • Athletic Performance for Your Sport

You are a motivated athlete and you’re determined to dominate your sport. You realize anyone can make you tired. You want to be Made Better. 

You want Real Results that Dominate the Competition.

You’re willing to work hard, but realize that just working hard does not necessarily mean better. You want the most effective training system to make you a better athlete, not just a pretender. You want drills that produce the skills. You want the kind of training that is going to make you have optimal performance on your chosen stage, not waste your time doing useless workouts and getting the wrong results.

You want to step Out Of the Ordinary and Into Extraordinary. 

You Have Come to the Right Place.

A comprehensive strength and conditioning program is a must for bridging the gap from being ‘good’ and ‘great.’ Our programs emphasize explosive strength, power, and stamina as deemed for your sport, while developing proper movement patterns for sound athletic development. We do not do generic personal training programs, as they have no place in sport. To achieve your best requires training based on your sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual strengths and weaknesses. You are an athlete. You have goals. Your time is precious and you deserve nothing less.

You will be stronger, more explosive, faster, and have more stamina. You will move better, enjoy a better body composition, and have a decreased risk of injury. We pride ourselves in providing you with intelligent sport performance training: based on the latest research and science, practical application, and experience by a qualified strength and conditioning specialist. We incorporate functional movement assessments used in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA – ‘prehab’ exercises to prevent injury and improve functional movement, along with exercises and conditioning techniques that will transfer into your sport.

  • Tactical Athletes

Enlisting in the military? Preparing for your career as a police officer or firefighter? Wanting to advance your career? Be at your best?

View our PowerPoint presentation for tactical training details!​

  • Injury Resilience & Rehabilitation

We work directly with trusted professionals, providing corrective exercise to reduce weak links, imbalances, and asymmetries to get you back to enjoying your life!​

  • Life!!!

Not talking 50 barbell cleans or cute body-weight exercises found on the internet. ​Your workouts should be applicable to functioning in life. Think carrying the shopping bags, picking up your kids, moving furniture, climbing stairs, gardening, and so much more. Train your body the right way, and enjoy the lasting results!



training options

Training is offered in multiple settings:

  • Small Groups 

  • Semi-Private (groups of 2)

  • Private

  • Program Design:

This is a great option for runners and endurance athletes.

If you have the motivation, like training on your own, and want to get the most out of your time, this program is for you! After consultation and testing, you will get the program that is designed specifically for your needs.



Team RISE of the Badasses (small group training)

  • $95/month for 2 classes per week

  • $55/month for 1 class per week

  • Current schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays at cocc. Please contact for our latest schedule and options. Try out the first class for free!

Personal Coaching:

Individual ----------------------------------------------------------- $65.00/hour session

Two Athletes ------------------------------------------------------- $70.00/session ($35.00/per person)

Small Group training 3-6 Athletes--------------------------------- $80.00/session (divided among all)

Program Design (in person):

  • $250.00 includes testing, program design, and 2 instructional sessions for 6 week program.

  • Follow-up sessions available at $95.00/session (includes program update)

Online Training 

  • Contact for your consultation. Pricing varies depending upon the level of training for you.



Strength Warehouse

345 SW Cyber Dr #105,

Bend, OR 97702

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