Military Skills and Fitness

Combat Crawl.

Crawling is an essential combat skill! Be prepared to crawl under obstacles like logs and/or rope. Some will require a “high crawl” (bear crawls or hands and knees), while others will require a “low crawl” with belly on the ground. Stay low!

Grenade Toss 

The grenade is one of the primary weapons used by soldiers. You will be using an inert (of course!) practice grenade weighing about a 1.5lb. The grenade can be thrown in any way comfortable. Get it in a 10 ft diameter circle from ~15 Yds! Here’s the basic method: grasp the grenade with the safety handle pressed into the base of the thumb. Face sideways to the target. Then lob that grenade in an overhand throw.

Litter Carry. *TEAM ONLY

Your comrade is down and needs to be transported to a safe area using the cloth litter.  You will do this four times. The same team member can be carried multiple times. But they must get completely off and back on the litter before you start again.

Pistol Marksmanship

Using an airsoft, you have 3 attempts to hit the target.

Military PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

  • Pushups station.. Demo here

  • Situps. Arms crossed, elbows to knees.

  • Pullups. Full hang to chin over bar

The higher your scores, the more bonus time is taken off the obstacle course, up to maximum standards. If you cannot perform a task, no problem! No bonus time is taken off.

*This does not include the whole test

Memory Test  

Being able to recall details is an important part of not only the military, but police work. Be prepared to observe and remember….

Pullups with Andy and lil fella.jpg

Resupply Mission

Your teammates need ammo! Carry two 30lb ammo cans and move them approximate 75 Yards in a zig zag pattern marked by cones.

Ammo Can Press (Part of the Marine Corps PFT)

Cradle a 30lb ammo can in both hands held at chest level and then press it overhead 


Up and over! Team mates can help you and are encouraged to do so! Individual race, only the individual long course competitors going for award cannot get assistance. 

Traverse Rope Traverse

The rope bridge is often used to move personnel and equipment over obstacles. Recommend long socks or pants

Spider Wall

Traverse across it using the hand and foot holds!

Rifle PT

TEAMS: Can you perform rifle jumping jacks in unison, via our training makeshifts? Show us what you got!

Knot Tying Skills

Knot skills are vital in many military branches, especially the navy. Hint: Definitely want to watch the demo videos and know these! Teams, be prepared to use a knot in a useful manner.

Demo Here Courtesy of our own “Ageless Warrior”

Braveheart Battlefield Sprints

“I’m up, He sees me, I’m down!” When crossing open space, a soldier needs to move quick and vary position to avoid being targeted. During training exercises, soldiers often sprint 3-5sec then go into prone position and roll right or left (before an enemy can set target). Instead of 3-5sec, you will get into prone position (chest on the ground) every 10y as market by cones, then pop up, sprint to the next cone, repeat! Be a hard target.

  • Note: This is also the penalty and the last challenge. If you cannot perform an obstacle, you get an extra lap of this! With TEAMS, if anyone fails an obstacle, it is one lap. If two team members fail, it is two laps and so on. You will do this as a unit.

These are not all of the obstacles. The rest are classified. You will find out!

Look forward to seeing you all out there. 

Until then,

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